How Indie Cottage can help you find, follow and unleash your unabashed dreams with a pragmatic twist and practical verve.

  • If you an uber creative women with a mission who needs to get a grip on all those projects, or at least the one at the top of the stack, then welcome.
  • If you would love to make a real living without compromising your dearly held status as a dreamer, you won’t be disappointed.
  • If you have a history of stalling on your dreams because you are afraid of letting go of the mediocre thing that pays the bills, then you have come to the right place.
  • If you have hit a place in your life where the crap has just got to go and you can just taste the freedom and peace on the other side, then come on in and let’s get this thing going!

Yes, your time has come.

If only you weren’t so used to capping your enthusiasm and stiffling your dreams in order to fit into this world and be accepted. If only you didn’t have to worry so much about the bottom line and be free to work your magic.

Let me show you that your dreams are just what the world needs right now, how you can manifest them in a practical way without losing the magic. Let me support you with integrity and simple mysticism so your imagination can fly free, uncomplicated and happy.

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Here’s how I have prepared to help you do this:

I have been a networker, entrepreneur and eccentric since day one. By the time I was 6 years old, I already had an impressive collection of business cards. I was fascinated by the process of running a business. It was magical to me that each one was making their way through their own unique identity rather than just accepting the status quo.

I have opened and run nine re-sale shops, the first one in 1994 when the re-sale model was limited to antique shops, thrift stores and garage sales. Drawing on the image of the old time trading post, I created a business model of community based resale by curating one person’s unwanted items and making them available for the next person.

I also worked as a real estate agent for 10 years and am versed in the process of aligning client needs with prospective spaces. I specialized in helping independent entrepreneurs find live-work spaces for manifesting their dreams.

I love exploring spaces and seeing possibility in the old, used and discarded. In my shop days I spent hours discovering how the layout and placement of items affected both my work flow and customer experience. I now posses an intuitive sense of how to get things working in any space… and I love doing it. Nothing is so wonderful as a space that works.

Here’s what people are saying about Indie Cottage:

Nina has the ability to make something that feels impossibly complex and intimidating into a simple and doable affair. Just like that.  ~ Krista Joy Arias, Tierra Soul Urban Farm

After looking for nearly 15 years for someone to help me with my myriad projects, from selling my antiques to sitting on the board of my small legacy publishing company, I finally found Nina. If anyone can get a project off the ground, Nina can. ~ Pauline DeFriez

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