All businesses begin with just a spark; an idea.

A dream. Your dream. You dream of things like ecological and social sustainability. You dream of simplicity, peace and harmony. You want an uncomplicated life where you aren’t divided between work and home. You dream o the good life. You imagine a neighborhood where many of the services and goods you desire are right there within easy walking or safe biking distance. You dream of talented individuals being allowed to work from their homes and create something that neighbors need.

Yes, you have dreams, boy do you have dreams!

In fact you have so many you can’t really keep track of them. You can hardly bear thinking about what it would actually take to get one of them all the ground let alone all of them. Perhaps you thought you were living your dream, but one day realized that you have crossed the line of too-much-of-a-good-thing. You wonder what happened, why you get nauseous just thinking of what used to be your thing. Or maybe you’re really bogged down with the practical realities of life and don’t see a way out of 9-5ness. Maybe you have one closely held dream you wish you’d pursued a very long time ago, or maybe you just had a life changing epiphany and know it’s time to take the risk. You remember the clarity and excitement of your childhood dreams, but have kinda lost touch with the art of dreaming.

You’ve been stuffing dreams for a long time now.

You’re an adult now and you’ve done the up-by-the-boot-straps thing. As much as you try those pesky dreams just don’t go away, they seem to creep up in the form of jealousy and regret. You may have tried doing one of your dreams as a hobby and gave up because you’re so dang exhausted you don’t really ever get into the zone. Remember the zone, that feeling where you forget to eat for hours, or shower for days, because you were carried by the wondrous trance of creation.

Let me tell you, I’ve been there.

Take it from me. I have started and quit, sold or abandoned 9 retail shops! Each time I was full of energy and enthusiastic dreams at the start, but after awhile the marvel and magic turned into overwhelming obligation. The problem was, on some level I thought I had to make financial considerations higher in priority than my dream and one day at a time, my dreams turned into drudgery. Now, I have learned how to put my dreams first and curate a business that values experience over the bottom line, creativity over cash. Now I do what I love and that’s all.

That’s why I started dream coaching and created the Indie Cottage Dream Studio.

I realized that our culture is lacking all the basic skills for dreaming. We live in a world that worships profit and self-reliance. I am a consultant, coordinator and cheerleader for the unique and creative home~based businesses and encourage the flair of community immersion and social entrepreneurship. I have developed a method to help you manifest balance and abundance in your creative and spirited business endeavors.

Centuries ago it was the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker.

Today, it may be the bicycle repair person, the organic food buying club and the Web page designer.  Or maybe it’s the hair stylist, the daycare provider and the massage therapist.  Indie Cottages are a micro~economic way of creating strength and community in our local neighborhoods.  And a smart way to bring lasting vitality to our local economy, wherever that may be.

What you get:

  • 3 one hour dream coaching sessions beginning on the the next new moon
  • The Visionaries Workbook with Guide
  • My time and attention in crafting your unique dream coaching sessions
  • Ongoing virtual support in the private Indie Cottage Facebook Group

Optional Beach Work-Retreat:

Location TBA. coming soon…

What to Expect:

Once you sign-up for Dream Coaching, I will get your Visioning Workbook and Guide on its way to you. While you wait for it to arrive, you will introduce yourself to the Indie Cottage Facebook community. Then, on the new moon following your Workbooks’s arrival we will have our first dream coaching session. We will have another session on the Full Moon and a final completion session on the next New Moon. The lunar cycles will gently support our work of germinating and idea and bringing it into a first round of blossoming, or unveiling and then into the phase of tying up loose ends and preparing for the next round of dreaming. Along the way you will work in your carefully designed Visioning Workbook to help you track your progress and map your future.

We can change the world one Indie Cottage at a time!

Whatever your situation, whatever your dream (or lack of one), I promise you there is a way to step into the freedom and integrity of simple sustainable living. I have worked very hard to translate my own process of manifesting my dreams into a practical doable method. I am here to help.

Dream Coaching is for people who…

  • would love to provide a service in their local or global community from home.
  • want to create less stress on humans and less negative impact on the environment through their work.
  • dream big and tend toward optimism (that’s different from denial).
  • aren’t sure what their dream is, but want to relearn the transformational skill of dreaming.
  • value happiness over conventional success.

Dream Coaching is NOT for people who…

  • would rather complain than take one small step toward their dream.
  • want to make a million dollars. Living your dreams is a great way to attract business, but working for money is a recipe for burn-out and disconnection.
  • think the answers are outside themselves. I will repeatedly bring the process back to you.

Your investment:

$697  $247 special introductory price until the June Full Moon, June 13th. Sessions start June 27th, 2014

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