Free your space… free your mind.

Yes, you would love to streamline your space and integrate your business and home flow. You dream of creating an inviting work environment while keeping family and personal space sacred. Integrate this all with an individualized weekly work schedule that honors your time and freedom as well as the need for discipline. You crave simplicity and beauty, imagination and spaciousness in your studio. Yes, that sounds really nice.

The truth is you just can’t seem to get it done.

You know it’s not such a big deal, but your just can’t figure out what to keep and what to purge. Should you hold on to those records from your adolescence, or those concert T-Shirts, or your kids baby clothes. How much is enough? You often wonder if there’s a danger of purging too much and you worry about regretting it later. All this just keeps you paralyzed and living in an inefficient, but comfortable manner.

You tried clearing your clutter once.

But you gave up when your husband freaked out on you for giving away his mother’s hand painted Santa mask. Or maybe you spent hours and could only eliminate the smallest handful of things for fear you might need them one day. Perhaps you know there are things in storage you just can’t get rid of, but don’t know how to incorporate into your life so you just keep them hidden away year after year. It was just for a few months or til the kids got older and now its been years (maybe decades) since you dusted them off.

I hear ya sister!

Dreamers are clutter-magnets, don’t you know. Creativity is inherently a chaotic process. The thing is, if you don’t keep up you’ll end up in paralysis or just plain ole’ lack of space to work.

I have stood in the face of so many decluttering/moving/organizing/arranging projects in my life, that I have had to come up with a way to overcome the internal (and external) obstacles to simplification and streamlining. Raising 2 kids and running my own business required it. There have been so many times that I found myself buried yet again under clutter.

That’s why I created these streamlining sessions (just for dreamers).

I have seen first hand how much a fresh, detached perspective can bring to the de-cluttering/organizing picture and how just the smallest, but well placed system can actually allow for more creative chaos without putting one over the edge into complete chaos. One of my favorite things to do is to help new Indie Cottage dreamers set the stage for their process and unfolding. For years I have been finding, staging and organizing spaces -from retail shops and office spaces to real estate staging and home-making. Make your work and creative space work for you whether it’s in your home or across town.

Ways I can help you:

Out with the Old:

Clean-up and re-organization of space, clutter, files, old projects, etc. This could include re-creating an extra room, garage or basement into a dynamic workspace or creativity studio!

Create systems that function better for paperwork, filing, and financial. Simplify set-up so that you don’t dread this type of task. Implementing systems that actually make it fun or delegating to those who love it to free up more of your time to do what you do best.

In with the New:

Setting the stage to create an atmosphere that helps you live into your next goal/mission/dream. We will use what you already have and make the most of it! We’ll create flow of both time and space, and consider your weekly schedule and monthly calendar. We’ll include creativity, work fulfillment, personal health and well-being, and downtime (oh so important for reflection and synchronicities).

Nuts and Bolts of a Start-up:

Many folks dream of starting a new enterprise or endeavor but stop themselves short with a sense of overwhelm for all the myriad details that are a part of starting a real business. I am here to tell you these pieces are entirely do-able. Yes, there are federal, state and local registration, details and taxes. There is accounting to be set-up, marketing to create, a mission statement, a logo and all the rest. With the proper tools in place any and all of this is entirely manageable. And keeping current is an excellent way to keep your mind on your vision of being of service to the world. We can review the details and any of these tasks can be delegated until you are ready to assume them. I’ll make sure you aren’t missing any necessary steps along the way.

Project Management:

Maybe you are already a busy person and perhaps also an entrepreneur who has a project or two on the back burner that you just can’t seem to get to. You can delegate me as your project manager where I will take on the tasks necessary to take this idea to the next level. This may be product research and development, a marketing plan, distribution, retail, or an e-book.

Other services:

  • I will help you sell your special items via ebay, my online store, Temple & Talisman, and Etsy.
  • I help clients create their own online stores.
  • I manage start-ups of brick and mortar shops, including acquisition, design, lay-out, budgeting, branding, marketing and hoopla.
  • I curate and host single events including original art and world travel collections, trunk shows, fundraisers and estate sales.

You can do it!

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been collecting, or avoiding facing your ahem… collection. I also will never decide for you how zen your space should be. Remember, clutter isn’t always bad. In fact, more genius comes from cluttered desks than ordered ones, so we will always be sure to respect creative chaos! I promise.

Your investment:

  • $30/hour
  • 4 hours for $100
  • 2 eight hour days for $350

Streamlining Sessions